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Sampath Bank bags Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award

Nov 27, 2015 (LBT) - Sampath Bank Plc emerged the winner of the ‘Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2015’, an annual event organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the country’spremier business chamber to recognize the sustainable champions of the local corporate world. Singer Sri Lanka PLC and National Development Bank ... Read more

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The Colombo Stock Exchange team shines at the Great HR Quiz

Nov 27, 2015 (LBT) - The Colombo Stock Exchange won 1st place in the ‘Special’ category at the Great HR Quiz, held at Galadari Hotel on November 13, 2015. With participation from 47 top companies around the country, the quiz team of the Colombo Stock Exchange placed 8th in the ... Read more

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India Sourcing Fair comes to Colombo in December

Nov 27, 2015 (LBT) - The first-ever India Sourcing Fair will be held from December 8 – 12, 2015 at the SLECC in Colombo. The event is organised by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) - Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and supported by ... Read more

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Kingslake, Dialog and Progress to revolutionise App Development in SL

Nov 27, 2015 (LBT) - A seminar themed ‘Developing Agile Business Applications - Are You Ready?’ was conducted by Kingslake, Dialog and Progress on Tuesday, November 2015 before a large gathering of CEOs and CIOs from diverse industry segments at Waters Edge, Battaramulla. Due to rapidly changing market conditions, business leaders ... Read more

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National Chamber to host delegation from CCPIT Gansu Province, China

Nov 26, 2015 (LBT) - A business delegation from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Gansu Province, China will be visiting Sri Lanka in November 2015. The National Chamber has organized a meeting for the Chinese Delegates to meet with the  Sri Lankan business community on December ... Read more

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Electric cars: Vague response from Minister on import restrictions

Nov 26, 2015 (LBT) - Asked to comment about the government restricting the import of electric vehicles in the absence of a proper public transport system, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake defending the government’s move said that the budget has allocated initially Rs 1,000 million under a proposed ‘Park and Ride’ ... Read more

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Com Bank integrates with BFC’s ‘EzRemit’ for instant remittances to SL

Nov 26, 2015 (LBT) - Users of EzRemit, a leading remittance service in Bahrain, who send funds to beneficiaries in Sri Lanka via the Commercial Bank of Ceylon, are now offered an instant, real-time transfer, following the integration of the web systems of the two entities. The new development, which further ... Read more

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Brandix Headquaters wins Gold at National Energy Efficiency Awards

Nov 26, 2015 (LBT) - Less than nine months after it was commissioned, the new head office of the Brandix Group won the ‘Gold Flame’ for Commercial Buildings in the Large Scale category at the Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency Awards 2015, reaffirming the apparel manufacturing giant’s commitment to the ... Read more

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Cosmopolitan magazine to be launched in Sri Lanka in March 2016

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Hearst Magazines International and Capital Media announced on Monday, November 23, the launch of a Sri Lankan edition of Cosmopolitan, the largest young women’s media brand in the world. Premiering with a March 2016 issue, the magazine will be published monthly. The announcement was made ... Read more

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Etihad, national airline of UAE, celebrates UAE Innovation Week

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is hosting a series of events and activities to showcase its approach to innovation in technology and sustainability during the UAE Innovation Week being held between November 22 and 28. The nationwide Innovation Week was ... Read more

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‘World of Outdoor’ opens its Flagship Store in Bambalapitiya

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Rainco, a leading brand for rainwear in South Asia, ‘unfurled’ their latest venture to the public when they launched ‘World of Outdoor’ [WOO], a concept store at No 185, Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 4, showcasing their latest range of outdoor furniture and accessories. The chief guest at ... Read more

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CEO of on importance of biz tech, big data analytics

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Abishek Sithampalam, the CEO and Co-Founder of and Co-Founder of recently delivered the keynote address at the Big Data Analytics Conference, which was held at the University of Kelaniya. The event was organized by the University’s Department of Commerce and Financial Management of ... Read more

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Mihin Lanka presentation updates agents on latest product developments

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Mihin Lanka recently conducted a comprehensive presentation for its agents to highlight the airline’s updated product and service offerings. The presentation was well attended by 102 agents who received an update on Mihin Lanka’s latest product enhancements and learnt more about the productive usage of ... Read more

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Foreigner-friendly budget to have great impact on real estate market

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - Last week, Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister announced plans to remove the 15 per cent land leasing tax for foreign investors, and reduce the approval period for foreign direct investment requests. The foreigner-friendly budget for 2016 is expected to have great impact on the country’s real ... Read more

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Mobil Lubricants powers Mana Jayawardana Memorial Rally 2015

Nov 25, 2015 (LBT) - The  ‘Mana  Jayawardana  Memorial  Rally’,  organized  by  the  Classic  Car Club  of  Ceylon,  was  held  for  the  second  consecutive  year  on  Sunday  November 1,  2015, commencing  from  Independence  Avenue,  Colombo  07  and  concluded  at  the  Palm  Village  Hotel,  Uswetakeiyawa. The  Club has  organized  this  annual  event ... Read more

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Foreign sales account for 68% of turnover

Nov 24, 2015 (LBT) - ASPI closed in red as a result of price losses in counters such as Commercial Bank, Central Finance Company and DFCC Bank whilst turnover crossed Rs 828 Mn. A similar behavior was witnessed in S&P SL20 as well. High net worth and institutional investor participation was ... Read more

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UnionPay offers tips to boost holiday sales

Nov 24, 2015 (LBT) - According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Chinese tourists are the fastest growing group with over 164,000 visiting the island in the first nine months of this year, which represents a 73.6% increase.  To attract this emerging group of tourists, more and more businesses ... Read more

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Twenty investment professionals earn prestigious CFA title

Nov 24, 2015 (LBT) - CFA Society Sri Lank is the local member of the CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence. CFS Society Sri Lanka proudly welcomed twenty local investment professionals who have earned the prestigious title ... Read more

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Budget: No clear plan for fiscal consolidation over the medium term

Nov 24, 2015 (LBT) - Sri Lanka's 2016 budget, released on 20 November, provides no clear plan for fiscal consolidation over the medium term. The absence of such a framework means that the risks of further deterioration in the fiscal deficit will remain, and high public debt relative to Sri ... Read more

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Ceylon Chamber – CCPIT Investment & Trade forum conducts 400 B2B meetings

Nov 24, 2015 (LBT) - The Sri Lanka – China Investment and Trade Symposium, jointly organized by the China Council for Promotion of International Trade Zhejiang, Zhejiang Chamber of International Commerce and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was held in Colombo yesterday, November 23. The Investment and Trade Symposium saw the ... Read more

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By Dr. Nalaka Godahewa Nov 01, 2015 (LBT) - I always had issues with certain economic management policies of the Mahinda Rajapaksha Government. For example I am against doubling the number of government sector employees during Mahinda Rajapaksha’s 9 year tenure creating an unbearable burden of state sector salary cost to the national economy. I am against the treasury allowing state enterprises to benefit from treasury circulars to engage in unfair competition with the private sector ( I am all for fair competition but against this practice ). I am against the sudden introduction of the ‘under performing enterprises and under-utilised assets act of november 2011, which sent a negative message to the foreign investors. I am against the culture of unsolicited tenders, which was becoming the norm. I am against the introduction of ad-hoc treasury circulars, which confused both local and foreign investments in the country. I am against various taxes introduced in order to protect the domestic industries allowing the local enterprises to be lethargic and unproductive, I am against the idea of setting up of an economic development ministry which controlled a huge chunk of the national budget. I am against the huge losses made by the national ... Read more

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'යහපාලනය' යටතේ ක්‍රියාකරන 'පොලීසිය' සිසුන්ට එල්ල කල 'ම්ලෙච්ච ප්‍රහාරය' ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ උගත් වියතුන් හෙලා දකී

Oct 29, 2015 (LBT) - කොළඹ, වෝඩ් පෙදෙසේ අද (29) දින උද්ඝෝෂණයක යෙදුණු උසස් තාක්‍ෂණ ඩිප්ලෝමා සිසුන්ට පොලිසිය යොදවා එල්ල කළ ම්ලේච්ඡ ප්‍රහාරය ‘වියතුන්ගේ හඬ’ සංවිධානය දැඩි පිළිකුලින් යුතුව හෙළා දකින බව එම සංවිධානය ලිපියක් මගින් මාධ්‍ය වෙත අද දැනුම් දුන්නේය. මේ පහත දැක්වෙන්නේ එම සම්පූර්ණ ලිපියයි. කොළඹ, වෝඩ් පෙදෙසේ අද (29) දින උද්ඝෝෂණයක යෙදුණු උසස් තාක්‍ෂණ ඩිප්ලෝමා සිසුන්ට පොලිසිය යොදවා එල්ල කළ ම්ලේච්ඡ ප්‍රහාරය ‘වියතුන්ගේ හඬ’ සංවිධානය දැඩි පිළිකුලින් යුතුව හෙළා දකිමු. ශිෂ්‍ය ඉල්ලීම් උදෙසා උද්ඝෝෂණයේ යෙදෙන සිසුන් අපරාධකරුවන් සේ සලකා මෙසේ ප්‍රහාර එල්ල කිරීම ‘යහපාලන’ ප්‍රතිපත්ති වලට අනුකූල දැයි අපි රජයෙන් ප්‍රශ්න කර සිටිමු. ‘රතුපස්වල සිද්ධීන්’ ගැන වේදිකා වල කතා කරමින්, සාකච්ඡාවෙන්, සම්මන්ත්‍රණයෙන් ප්‍රශ්න විසඳා ගැනීමට හැකි බව පවසා තරුණ තරුණියන්ගේ ඡන්දය මගින් බලයට පැමිණි ආණ්ඩුව, වැඩි කල් නොගොසින්ම මෙසේ බැටන් පොළු, කඳුළු ගෑස් වලින් ශිෂ්‍ය ප්‍රශ්න මර්දනය කිරීමට දරණ උත්සාහය වියතුන් වශයෙන් කිසි ලෙසකින්වත් අපි අනුමත නොකරමු. අප අවධාරණය කරන්නේ වගකිවයුතු ආණ්ඩුවක් තරුණ සහ ශිෂ්‍ය ප්‍රශ්න සම්බන්ධයෙන් මීට වඩා බුද්ධිමත්ව සහ සානුකම්පික ලෙස කටයුතු කළ යුතු බවයි. එබැවින්, අප ආණ්ඩුවෙන් ඉල්ලා සිටින්නේ මින් ඉදිරියට මෙවැනි අවාසනාවන්ත සිද්ධීන් සිදු වීම වළක්වාලීමට  වග බලා ගන්නා ලෙසත්, මේ සිද්ධිය සම්බන්ධයෙන් වහාම අපක්ෂපාතී පරීක්ෂණයක් සිදු කරන ලෙසත් ය. වියතුන්ගේ හඬ සංවිධානය වෙනුවෙන්, 1. අති පුජ්‍ය, අග්ග මහා පණ්ඩිත, මහාචාර්ය කුඹුරුගමුවේ වජිර නා හිමි - ගරු ... Read more

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යහපාලනය රටට ගෙන ආ තුන් බිය : දෙවන කොටස - බියගුලුකම

වියතුන්ගේ හඞ සංවිධානයේ උප සභාපති ආචාර්යය නාලක ගොඩහේවා විසින් රටේ වත්මන් ව්‍යාකූල තත්වය පිලිබඳව රචිත විමර්ශනයක්... යහපාලනය රටට ගෙන ආ තුන් බිය : බොරුව , බියගුලුකම හා බැරිකම. දෙවන කොටස :බියගුලුකම Oct 28, 2015 (LBT) - කොළඹ ආනන්දයට 6 වසරේ එකතුවුන මා වැනි සිසුන් රැසක් නේවාසිකාගාරයේ සිටි අතර බොහෝ දෙනෙකු පැමින සිටියේ ගම්බද පාසල්වලිනි. නේවාසිකාගාරයේදී සිසුන් තම තමුන්ගේ පැරණි කතා කියද්දී ඇසුන පහත දැක්වෙන සිද්ධිය යම් හේතුවක් නිසා මගේ හිතට තදින් කා වැදුනි. හරියාකාරව නම් ගම් මතක නැති නිසා මෙය කියන්නේ ආදේශක නම් යොදාගනිමිනි. සිද්දියට අදාල ගම්බද පාසැලේ සරුවට ඵල දරන අඹ ගසක් තිබුනි. මෙහි ගෙඩි ඉදුනු සෑම වාරයකම විදුහල් පතිවරයා එවා කඩවා විකුනාගත් අතර අඹ කැඩීම සිසුන්ට සම්පුර්නයෙන්ම තහනම් විය. අඹ ගස අයිති පාසැලට වූවාට අඹ විකුනා ලද ආදායම ගියේ විදුහල්පතිගේ සාක්කුවටය. වරක් විදුහල් පතිවරයා ගුරු රැස්වීමක් කරන අතර සමන් , අජිත් හා කපිල ( ආදේශක නම්) ඉදී තිබුන අඹ පන්තියටම ඇතිවෙන්නට කඩාගෙන ඇවිත් පන්තියේ සියලු දෙන සමගම බෙදාගෙන කෑවෝය. සිද්දිය දැනගත් විට මාරාවේශ වූ විදුහල්පති පංතියේ සියලු ලමුන් කැඳවා වරදකරු විමසුවද කිසිවෙකුගෙන් නමක් ලබාගන්නට නොහැකි විය. ඉතින් ඔහු තීරණය කලේ පංතියේ සෑම ලමයෙකුටම වේවැල් පාර 3 බැගින් දෙන්නටය. පංතියේ ලමයින්ගෙන් 2/3 ක්ම වේවැල් පාර කන විට අපේ වීරයෝ 3 දෙනාද ගුටිකා අවසන්ය. තත්වය වෙනස් වුනේ විදුහල්පති අන්තිම හරියේ සිටි රන්ජිත්ට වේවැල උස්සනවිටය. ... Read more

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Foreign purchases boost turnover

Nov 26, 2015 (LBT) - The price losses in counters such as John Keells Holdings, Ceylon Cold Stores and Chevron Lubricants resulted in ASPI closing in red whilst turnover crossed Rs 620 Mn. A similar behavior was witnessed in S&P SL20 as well. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in John Keells Holdings and Access Engineering. Mixed interest was observed in Hemas Holdings and Textured Jersey Lanka whilst retail interest was noted in Richard Pieris Exports and Bairaha Farms. Meanwhile, foreigners remained active closing as net buyers mainly due to foreign purchasing in John Keells Holdings. Total foreign purchases accounted for 54.2% of turnover. Diversified sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to John Keells Holdings) whilst the sector index lost ... Read more

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ASPI Trends up

Nov 19, 2015 (LBT) - The price gains in counters such as John Keells Holdings, Commercial Leasing & Finance and Ceylinco Insurance resulted in ASPI closing in green for the third day whilst turnover crossed Rs 552 Mn. Similar behavior was witnessed in S&P SL20 as well. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in Dialog Axiata. Mixed interest was observed in John Keells Holdings, Commercial Bank and Access Engineering whilst retail interest was noted in Ceylon Grain Elevators, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates and Commercial Credit & Finance. Meanwhile, foreigners remained active closing as net sellers mainly due to foreign selling in Commercial Bank. Banks, Finance and Insurance sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to Commercial Bank) whilst the sector ... Read more

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ASPI inches towards 7000

Nov 18, 2015 (LBT) - Both ASPI and S&P SL20 closed in green due to price gains in counters such as Lion Brewery, Sampath Bank and People's Leasing & Finance with turnover crossing Rs 534 Mn. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in Hayleys and Textured Jersey Lanka. Mixed interest was observed in Distilleries and Asiri Hospital Holdings whilst retail interest was noted in Ceylon Grain Elevators and Asia Asset Finance. Meanwhile, foreigners remained active closing as net buyers. Manufacturing sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to Textured Jersey Lanka) whilst the sector index lost 0.04%. The share price of Textured Jersey Lanka increased by Rs 0.50 (1.45%) to close at Rs 35.00. Banks, Finance and Insurance sector was ... Read more

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