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SriLankan Airlines offers for Maldives Hajj pilgrims

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) -SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka introduced attractive fares and other incentives for citizens of the Maldives who aspire to make that once in a lifetime spiritual journey in September to Mecca, the holy city for millions of adherents of the Islamic faith all ... Read more

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Emirates in Colombo on Oct-4 to recruit cabin crew

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - A Cabin Crew Recruitment team from Emirates, the global connector of people and places, will be in Colombo on Saturday, October 4 for an invitation-only, ‘Open Day’ event for prospective candidates. The award-winning airline, which employs more than 1,200 Sri Lankans including 146 cabin crew, is ... Read more

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Transcend brings Apple compatible solutions

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - EZY Distribution Private Limited, Sri Lanka’s premier IT distribution company (part of EZY group of Companies in Sri Lanka) together with Transcend Inc. Taiwan, have established the brand ‘Transcend’ as the leading product for memory and memory related products in the country Transcend is a ... Read more

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LG ‘Mono X’ solar panels from Abans a success

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - Customers who have installed LG Mono X Neon Solar Systems have recorded exceptional performance with energy savings in excess of their expectations, says Abans. LG Mono X Neon Solar Systems are the most efficient, technologically advanced solar panels in the world recording high output by minimizing ... Read more

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Ceylinco Life adjudged best at World Finance

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - Sep. 22, 2014 (LBT) - Ceylinco Life has been adjudged the Best Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka for 2014 by World Finance, the prestigious UK-based bi-monthly magazine that provides in-depth coverage and analysis of the financial industry and global ... Read more

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Lafarge growing ties with Dynamic Technologies

Sep. 23, 2014 (LBT) - Lafarge, a world leader in building materials, is growing its partnership with Dynamic Technologies, a Sri Lankan contractor, to develop a 4,000 ton cement silo in the Seychelles.  This would be the seventh international project collaborated jointly by the two organizations. Dynamic Technologies, the engineering ... Read more

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Harsha Purasinghe selected Eisenhower Fellow 2014

Sep. 22, 2014 (LBT) - Harsha Purasinghe, CEO and Founder of Microimage has been selected as a 2014 Eisenhower Fellow, a prestigious award given annually by the Eisenhower Foundation. Harsha, who was selected from a pool of international applicants, will travel to the US later this month to participate in ... Read more

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UTE to help overhaul Colombo's road network

Sep. 22, 2014 (LBT) - Colombo has been undergoing urban regeneration under the Urban Development Authority-headed Metro Colombo Urban Development Project over the past five years. United Tractors and Equipment (UTE) recently lent their support to this endeavour, providing Construction & Paving equipment to help overhaul Colombo's road network. A ... Read more

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Falck expands safe and fast EMS transport

Sep. 22, 2014 (LBT) - Falck, the world’s leading Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider, took the first step in realizing its vision of providing access to high quality Emergency Medical care to the whole of Sri Lanka by expanding its operations to the North of Sri Lanka. Its new office ... Read more

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Kells bags two awards at CNCI Achiever Awards

Sep. 22, 2014 (LBT) - Keells Food Products (KFP) was recognized at the recently concluded CNCI Achiever Awards 2014 held at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, organized by the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries. KFP was awarded the CNCI Bronze Award in the Extra Large Manufacturing Sector, National Level and the ... Read more

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HSBC’s Jayant Rikhye to visit Sri Lanka

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - Jayant Rikhye, Head of International Asia Pacific for The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited will be arriving in the country on a two day visit. During his stay from September 22 to 24, he will meet with the Governor of Central Bank of Sri ... Read more

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Seminar on Cyber Crimes on September 25

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - An awareness seminar on ‘Cyber Crimes: A New Threat To Your Corporate Environment’ will be held on Thursday, September 25, 2014  from 2.30 pm to 5pm at the National Chamber Auditorium,  450, D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 10. The National Chamber of Commerce in collaboration ... Read more

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Special baggage offer from SriLankan Airlines

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - SriLankan Airlines, the leading direct airline operator to Europe, now offers travellers to and from the region sensational value through increased baggage allowance. This special offer sees travellers being offered an extra 15 kgs of baggage each way, at no extra charge, thus seeing Economy ... Read more

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Ceylon Planter’s Society marks 78th Anniversary

Sep. 20, 2014 (LBT) - Exactly 78years ago on November 22, 1936 the largest gathering of European planters and their wives and a sprinkling of Ceylonese Planter’s assembled at the Queens Hotel, Kandy and the occasion was graced by then Colonial Governor Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs and Lady Stubbs. That ... Read more

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Maliban wins Gold Award at CNCI Achiever Awards

Sep. 20, 2014 (LBT) - Maliban Biscuit Manufactories, the leading biscuit manufacturer in the country, emerged victorious yet again, claiming the most coveted award, at the recently concluded CNCI 13th Achievers Industrial Excellence Awards 2014. The event was held under the auspices of Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President. Maliban ... Read more

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Senkadagala Finance signs SLA with LFSBL

Sep. 20, 2014 (LBT) - Senkadagala Finance PLC, one of the largest licensed finance companies in Sri Lanka, signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Lanka Financial Services Bureau Limited (LFSBL) becoming the first finance company in the country to gain connectivity with the SWIFT network. LFSBL facilitates the secure transfer ... Read more

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Dialogue to boost trade, investment from China

Sep. 20, 2014 (LBT) - The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently organised a meeting between the Designate – Head of Mission to Sichuan Province of China, Bala Kaandeepan, and the local businesses doing business with China or planning to do so in the near future. Kaandeepan, addressing the business representatives present ... Read more

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Janashakthi celebrates 20 years of excellence

Sep. 19, 2014 (LBT) - Leading insurer Janashakthi Insurance celebrates their 20th anniversary, recording impressive growth ahead of impending regulatory changes in an extremely competitive industry. Over the year 2013, the company recorded a stellar Rs. 1 billion in Profit After Tax, while also achieving its highest ever consolidated revenue of ... Read more

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Union Bank shareholders endorse TPG Investment

Sep. 19, 2014 (LBT) - Union Bank of Colombo PLC (UBC) held its extraordinary general meeting on September 17, 2014, facilitating shareholder approval for the conclusion of its landmark investment agreement of US$ 117 million with TPG, a leading global investment firm. “The Bank received an overwhelming endorsement from shareholders ... Read more

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CCC Young Members visit Colombo Stock Exchange

Sep. 19, 2014 (LBT) - The Young Members Forum (YMF) of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce organised a visit to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) which has 295 listed firms & recently reached the Rs. 3 trillion market capitalization mark, thus helping its members to learn the basics of debt ... Read more

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Disruption, ‘Intrapreneurialism’ and meeting customer’s needs

Sep. 07, 2014 (LBT) - In my conversations with businesses it has become clear that when it comes to customer experience, they really do understand just how fully things have changed. They realise that the old methods of reaching the customer are no longer good enough; that the customer demands more than ever before and wants the brand experience to be delivered on their terms and not the brand’s. They know they need to build real relationships with customers, connecting with them on an emotional level, and that loyalty has never been harder to win or keep. Despite this awareness, which comes from businesses of all shapes and sizes, it is the start-up community that have found it easiest to adapt to the needs of the modern consumer. Often, established companies have struggled with the scale of change required and have instead opted for a half-way house; setting up the odd Facebook page for example, or encouraging sales reps to use LinkedIn and Twitter. While there are of course notable exceptions, the fact is that many businesses are failing to make the wholesale transformation required to prosper in today’s consumer-driven market. The reason is simple: legacy. The more established the company, ... Read more

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ටියුලිප් මේනියාව සහ කොටස් වෙළඳපොළේ ඉතිහාසයෙන් බිඳක්

කොටස් වෙළෙඳපොළ හා පෘතුගීසින්! අගෝස්තු 29, 2014 (LBT) - ලෝකයේ පෘතුගාලේ සහ බ්‍රසීලයේ ප්‍රසිද්ධ නමක් වෙන 'සිල්වා' නාමය ලොව මුලින්ම භාවිත කලේ ක්‍රිස්තු වර්ෂ 500 - 1500 කාලයේ රෝම අධිරාජ්‍ය බිඳ වැට්ටු නැගෙනහිර ජර්මනියෙන් පැවත එන 'විසිගොත්' සහ 'ඔස්ට්රෝගොත්' යන අයගෙන්; ඇස්ටුරියානු අධිරාජ්‍ය පිහටවූ විසිගොත් ලාගෙන් පැවත ආ ඩොම් ඇල් ඩෝරෙඩෝ ගේ පුත් වෙන ඩොම් ගුටෙරේ අල්දෙරේට් ද සිල්වා විසිනි. ඇස්ටුරියානු අධිරාජ්‍ය අද ස්පාන්ඥය සහ පෘතුගාලය වී ඇති අතර 1505 ලංකාවට ද පැමිණියේය.පෘතුගීසින් ඔවුන්ගේ නාවික නායකයකු වූ වස්කෝ ද ගාමා ලෝකේ වටේ ගොස් මුහුදු වෙළඳ මාර්ග ඇරඹීමත් සමගම පෘතුගීසි ඊස්ට් ඉන්දියා සමාගම එකල නැගී ආ ආසියානු වෙළඳාම ඒකාධිකාරයට නතු කරගන්නා ලදී. ඊට සමගාමීව සැලියන් ෆ්‍රෑන්ක වරුන්ගෙන් පැවත ආ ලන්දේසින් හෙවත් නෙදර්ලන්ත වැසියන් නැගී ආ ආසියානු වෙළඳාම ඒකාධිකාරයට නතු කරගැනීමට 1602 දී ලොව පළමු වරට මහජන කොටස් නිකුත්තුවක් සමග කරළියට ආ ඩච් ඊස්ට් ඉන්දියා සමාගම පිහටවගන්නා ලදී. ඒ ලෝක කොටස් වෙළඳපොලේ ඇරඹුමයි. එකල ඩච් ගිල්ඩර් මිලියන 78 වටිනාකමක් තිබුණු ඩච් ඊස්ට් ඉන්දියා සමාගම 1637 බිහිවුණු 'ටියුලිප් මේනියාව' හෙවත් අනුමාන කෙරුණු ටියුලිප් මලේ බල්බ වල වටිනාකම ඩච් ගිල්ඩර් 3000 සිට 4200 දක්වා යුරෝපයේ ඉහල යාමත් සමගම අදටත් ඩච් ඊස්ට් ඉන්දියා සමාගම සතු වූ ඩච් ගිල්ඩර් මිලියන 78, වර්තමාන මුදලට තක්සේරු කලවිට ඇමෙරිකානු ඩොලර් ට්‍රිලියන 7.4 හෙවත් බිලියන 7,400 වටින ලොව වැඩිම වටිනාකමින් යුතු බහු ජාතික ... Read more

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Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine or Tobacco!

Aug. 27, 2014 (LBT) - Sugar is more addictive than cocaine or tobacco. This information was revealed at an awareness seminar conducted by the AIA Insurance. Diabetes is the forerunner of all non-communicable diseases, which can be avoided by controlling your sugar intake. AIA Insurance, which promotes healthy living as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, strives to increase education and awareness on making healthy choices to live a healthy life, through seminars and workshops. In one such seminar, it was revealed that sugar is in fact 8 times more addictive than cocaine (Dr Mark Hyman – USA, Feb 2014) and tobacco. Our daily sugar intake should be less than 6 teaspoons a day (World Health Organization). However, most Sri Lankans, on average consume over 9 teaspoons (Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka).  The biggest problem with sugar addiction is that it is a vicious cycle; when you consume sugar in any form, you start enjoying the taste which in turn causes craving. This leads to a gradual increase in sugar consumption which can result in obesity and worse, diabetes. Notably, this dependency on sugar starts at infancy, with mothers introducing refined sugar to their babies at weaning through food and drink, especially ... Read more

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S&P SL20 close at a 3 year high

Sep. 19, 2014 (LBT) -Bourse ends the week in green with price gains in Bukit Darah, Hemas Holdings and Commercial Bank. Turnover topped Rs 2.5 Bn with the highest turnover contributor being the banking sector. High net worth and institutional interest was evident in Citizens Development. Meanwhile, parcel trades uplifted the turnover by 15% with interest witnessed in John Keells Holdings, Access Engineering. Commercial Bank, DFCC Bank and Seylan Bank. ASPI and S&P SL20 gained 0.22% and 0.08% respectively for the week ended. Banks, Finance and Insurance sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to Hatton National Bank nonvoting and Citizens Development) whilst the sector index gained 0.67%. The share price of Hatton National Bank nonvoting went up by Rs 1.90 ... Read more

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Week commences in red

Sep 15, 2014 (LBT) - The indices closed with losses due to significant price drops in counters such as Commercial Bank, Carson Cumberbatch and Sri Lanka Telecom. High net worth and institutional interest was witnessed in Taprobane Holdings, Softlogic Capital, People’s Leasing & Finance, Hayleys and ACL Plastics as block trades. Retail interest was seen in Access Engineering and Janashakthi Insurance. Meanwhile, mixed interest was witnessed in Browns Investments and Panasian Power. Foreign activity remained low and closed as net sellers due to selling on counters such as People’s Leasing & Finance. Banks, Finance & Insurance sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to People’s Leasing & Finance, Janashakthi Insurance and Softlogic Capital) whilst the sector index lost 0.62%. ... Read more

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Week ends on a high

Sep 12, 2014 (LBT) - Bourse closed in green mainly owing to counters Chevron Lubricants and Seylan Bank while the turnover crossed the Rs 1.8 Bn mark. Parcel trades were witnessed in Hemas Holdings and Housing Development Finance Corporation. Retail interest was seen in Renuka Agri Foods, FLC Holdings, Piramal Glass and Odel. Foreign buying was observed in Lanka IOC and Access Engineering. ASPI and S&P SL20 gained by 1.85% and 2.11% respectively for the week ended. Banks, Finance & Insurance sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to People’s Leasing & Finance and Union Bank) whilst the sector index lost 0.09%. The share price of People’s Leasing & Finance went up by Rs 0.10 (0.53%) to close at Rs ... Read more

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Glitz Cric Quiz 2014 - A Resounding Success!

Aug 19, 2014 (LBT) - The Glitz Cric Quiz 2014, Sri Lanka’s Biggest and Most Exciting Cricket related quiz competition was successfully worked off recently amidst a large gathering of ... Read more

MOBIL partners CSN on "Mobil 1 The Grid" TV program for second consecutive year

Jul 18, 2014 (LBT) - McLarens Lubricants Limited, Sole Distributor for ExxonMobil in Sri Lanka, recently celebrated its partnership  with  Carlton Sports Network (CSN),  which  was  appointed as  the  sole ... Read more

BEKO sponsors Barcelona Football Club

SINGER markets BEKO appliances in Sri Lanka Jul 08, 2014 (LBT) - World famous Spanish football club FC Barcelona and BEKO recently announced the signing of a new agreement which will ... Read more



UPFA wins only 19 seats in Uva as against 25 in 2009

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - The governing United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) won the Uva Provincial Council elections managing to secure 19 seats in the two districts of Badulla and ... Read more

India gifts Rs. 1.2 billion Cultural Centre to Jaffna

June 10, 2014 (LBT) -A state-of-the-art, fully equipped cultural centre is to be built in Jaffna at a cost of Rs. 1.2 billion. It will reflect ancient cultural features and ... Read more

ADB calls for closer economic cooperation

April 22, 2014 (LBT) - Shifting relations among Asian countries and the changing global economy mean that Asia needs to strengthen its economic cooperation, says the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) ... Read more


World News

Scottish referendum: Shares rise on 'No' vote as pound rally fades

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - Shares on the London stock market rose on Friday after Scotland voted against independence. The FTSE 100 share index was up 0.27%, or 18 points, closing ... Read more

China's Xi Jinping signs landmark deals on India visit

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - India and China have signed 12 agreements in Delhi, one of which will see China investing $20bn (£12.2bn) in India's infrastructure over five years. At a ... Read more

Japan trade deficit narrows in August

Sep. 21, 2014 (LBT) - Japan's trade deficit narrowed in August as a fall in imports lowered the country's energy bill for the month. The shortfall between imports and exports shrank ... Read more