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China Merchants Group Executive Vice President in Colombo for CIMC2015

Sep 02, 2015 (LBT) - Executive Vice President (China Merchants Group), D. Hu Jianhua will be a special guest at the Colombo International Maritime Conference, (CIMC) which will be inaugurated on September 24, 2015 on the World Maritime Day. Dr. Hu will deliver a speech at the inaugural Session of the ... Read more

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Hameedia and Mr England with unique collection from Envoy London

Sep 02, 2015 (LBT) - Hameedia’s premium brand Envoy London recently provided the finalists of the Mr. England competition with stylish, specially-designed attire for the grand finale of the pageant. The Mr. & Miss. England competitions were held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry in the UK, and the Mr. ... Read more

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Get Life! Live Life!

The Insurance Association of Sri Lanka (IASL) launches Life Insurance Month – 1st to 30th September 2015 Sep 02, 2015 (LBT) - What does ‘protection’ mean to you? How important is your family to you? Have you adequately provided for them when you are no longer around?   In order to ... Read more

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Nestlé Lanka PLC Opens Trading at CSE

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Nestlé Lanka PLC (NEST) opened trading on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) today. This event was yet another in a series of Market Opening Ceremonies, featuring the companies from the S&P SL20 index. Managing Director Shivani Hegde, Non-Executive Director Mahen Dayananda, Non-Executive Director Ranjan Seevaratnam, ... Read more

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Dr Anila chosen to head BCCS contest evaluation panel of CCC

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Former Central Banker, Dr Anila Dias Bandaranayake has been chosen by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce to head the evaluation panel of the ‘Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2015’, which is now in the process of accepting applications from prospective companies.Bandaranayake, a former assistant governor ... Read more

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SL Telecom strengthen ties as Telecom Partner of Sri Dalada Maligawa

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has strengthened its partnership as the official Telecommunications Service Provider of the Sri Dalada Maligawa.A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed recently to provide ultra-high-speed broadband internet services via SLT Fibre optic technology to the Maligawa premises as well as PEO ... Read more

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DFCC Bank and DFCC Vardhana Bank amalgamation approved by shareholders

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - The amalgamation of DFCC Bank PLC (DFCC) and DFCC Vardhana Bank PLC (DVB) was unanimously approved by the shareholders of the two companies, by way of special resolutions at the Extraordinary General Meetings held on August 28. The Banks have received the letter of provisional ... Read more

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Sri Lanka Tourism focus on Indian niche markets

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Sri Lanka Tourism focus on Indian niche markets - IAS officersSri Lanka Tourism focus on Indian niche markets - IAS officersSep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Indian Administrative Service, the premier administrative civil service of the government of India, which has the option of selecting a ... Read more

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‘K’ Line brand new car carrier makes maiden call at Hambantota Port

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - MV Helios Highway, a brand new car carrier of ‘K’ Line, made its maiden call at Hambantota Port on August 19 with a load of vehicles from Japan. In order to mark the occasion, a plaque ceremony took place on board the vessel between the ... Read more

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Commercial Bank supports ‘Construct 2015’ as official banker

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Commercial Bank supported Sri Lanka’s construction sector as Official Banker to ‘Construct 2015’ one of the largest construction sector exhibitions in the South Asian region.Organised annually by the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL), Construct 2015 took place for the 15th consecutive year on ... Read more

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Bid to develop trade, investment, joint ventures, tourism with Vietnam

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - The Sri Lanka - Greater Mekong Subregion Bilateral Council (SLGMSBC) plans to further develop bilateral trade, investment, joint ventures, services and tourism between the two nations, says Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, President of the Council.Dr Ranasoma made this statement while greeting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam ... Read more

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Sri Lanka pensioners enlightened on prudent investment opportunities

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) together with the Department of Pensions launched a programme in association with the Sri Lanka pensions to educate pensioners on the tenants of personal financial planning. The first programme under this initiative was held on August 27, 2015 at the ... Read more

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AkzoNobel Paints garners Silver Awards at SLIM NASCO 2015

Aug 28, 2015 (LBT) - Two AkzoNobel Paints Lanka sales professionals were recognised with Silver Awards for excellence at SLIM NASCO 2015. The panel, which seeks to appreciate outstanding performances by sales professionals in Sri Lanka, choose from a substantial number of applicants every year for recognition at its annual ... Read more

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‘Ve Prashansa’ - A divine evening of gospel music on 1 September

Aug 24, 2015 (LBT) - Let your faith ring loud and true at Ve Prashansa, a gospel music concert by Daham Pahana on 1 September at the Viharamahadevi Open Air Theatre from 5.00 pm onwards. The spiritual celebration of music is expected to bring together 5,000 people to unite on ... Read more

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Why should Sri Lankan Developers Invest Abroad?

Lamudi Sri Lanka Identifies International Potential for Sri Lankan Developers Aug 24, 2015 (LBT) - Several international projects such as One Galle Face by Shangri-La, ITC Colombo, Altair and Hyatt Regency are on the rise around Sri Lanka due to the increasing demand for real estate and tourism. However, most domestic developers ... Read more

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Lanka - Italy Business Council of Ceylon Chamber holds 16th AGM

Aug 23, 2015 (LBT) - The 16th Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka – Italy Business Council was held on July 27, 2015 in Colombo. The Council, which focuses on the objectives of ‘promoting investment, trade and joint venture between Sri Lanka and Italy’, is one bilateral business councils ... Read more

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Softlogic Finance PLC’s new business model brings rich dividends

Aug 23, 2015 (LBT) - Softlogic Finance PLC’s new business model has paid rich dividends in the first quarter of the 2015/16 financial year, with the company achieving impressive improvements in a range of key indicators. Based on unaudited figures for the financial quarter ended 30th June 2015, released to ... Read more

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Lankem Robbialac paints Dalada Maligawa for Esala Perahera ‘Varna Pooja’

Aug 23, 2015 (LBT) - Lankem Paints Ltd, manufacturers and marketers of Robbialac Paints has once again successfully completed its annual ‘Varna Pooja’ – the painting of the entire Dalada Maligawa complex in Kandy - for this year’s Esala Perehera. What has now become one of the numerous rituals associated ... Read more

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DFCC and DVB introduce financial solutions beyond banking

Aug 23, 2015 (LBT) - DFCC Bank, the country’s leading development bank and its commercial arm DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), introduced Bancassurance, to offer their customers a combined banking and insurance solution. The Bancassurance product provides the Bank’s customers with a solution that seamlessly delivers insurance services. All Bancassurance products ... Read more

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Sri Lanka Tourism selects 8 American kids for tour of ‘Monkey Kingdom Trail’

Aug 22, 2015 (LBT) - In the backdrop of a 31.2% visitor arrival growth in July with the US market registering a 19.1% growth, Sri Lanka Tourism is targeting the American traveller as a future potential market to be developed by selecting 8 lucky American kids from an online consumer ... Read more

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Rejected MPs should have no place in the National List

By Shenali D Waduge Aug 21, 2015 (LBT) - If a government is supposed to be by the people and for the people why should MPs who have been rejected by the people be brought back into Parliament through the backdoor using the provision of the national list. What a mockery when parties hand over their individual national lists with names before election only to replace these names to accommodate shock defeats of MPs who have been rejected by the people. It is an affront to the names already given by parties when names are removed to include the names of MPs whom the people have rejected. What is the point in claiming to be following good governance when all political parties are guilty of bringing rejected MPs through the backdoor? These are politicians who know they cannot go before the people and win votes but somehow wriggle their way to enjoy 5 years of parliamentary privileges at the cost of the tax payers! More often than not these rejected politicians who come through the backdoor without people’s mandate are given strategic portfolios too. Given that they have no clue as to what the common man’s needs are nor do they ... Read more

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Dangers of striking deals with separatist minority parties in Sri Lanka

By Shenali D Waduge Aug 20, 2015 (LBT) - For politicians whatever party or color, is elections about serving the people or serving their interests and the interests of those funding their campaigns. As election results are yet to conclude in the sudden Parliamentary elections being held to avoid impeaching the unelected Prime Minister and causing political embarrassment to him, the citizens have every right to feel worried at the trend taking place where with each election we are beginning to realize that external sources are influences the candidates, the political parties and even the voters. If elections are about greed for power and the willingness of politicians and political parties to sacrifice principles and compromise the nation the voting public need to take a call and question their role in casting vote for such parties. Must we hold elections for political parties to come to power by promising minority parties that they would separate the nation? The opposition to agreeing to separatism is primarily because the minority parties making the calls are spurred to demand separatism because it suits the agendas of external forces who are funding them. The north-east merger proposed by India in the Indian drafted and forcibly imposed Indo-Lanka Accord ... Read more

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ආශ්චර්ය මවන්නා සහ ලංකාවේ ගෝබර්චෙෆ්ලා

Aug 14, 2015 (LBT) - යම් දේශයක ඉතිහාසයක තම රට වෙනුවෙන් ස්වර්ණමය වූ සුවිශේෂ වූ දායකත්වයක් ලබාදීමට ඉතිහාසයක් විසින් අවස්ථාවක් දෙනු ලැබීම ඉතා දුර්ලභය.  අප පරම්පරාව අද එවන් අවස්ථාවක දොරකඩසිටී. මෙකල ඇතිවන බොහෝ ආශ්චර්යයන් පිළිබදව අප සැම සැක කටයුතු අන්දමින් බැලීමට පුරුදු වී ඇත. නමුත් 30 අවුරුදු යුධමය ශාපය සහමුලින්ම මුලිනුපුටා දැමීමේ ආශචර්යය නම් මේ මුලූ දේශයේ සියලූම ජනතාවගේ ඇස් පනාපිට සක්සුදක්සේ පැහැදිලිව දිග හැරුනි. එවන් නොපැතූ අති දුර්ලභ ජයග්‍රහණයක් ලැබීමට සැබවින්ම ආශ්චර්යවත් පුද්ගලයෙකු මේ රටේ යම් වාසනාවකට එකල පහල විය. යම් අයට ඉතා පහසුවෙන ්මේ  රට හැරදමා වෙනත ්රටවලට යාමට හැකියාව තිබූනමුත් එසේ නොගිය අති විශාල ජනතාවක්ද මේ රටේ සිටී. ඔවුන් මූලිකවම අප දේශයට ඇති ආදරයත  අපේ දේශයේ ජිවන රටාවට ඇත ිරුචියත් නිසා මෙහ ිසිටිමුත් තම ජීවිත කාලය තුල මෙම අදුරු යුධ යුගය අවසාන වේයැයි සිහිනයකින්වත් නොසිතූ අතර ඒ සියල්ල මහින්ද  රාජපක්ෂගේ :ඵඍ- ආගමනයත් සමග උැදහිය නොහැක ිලෙස අවසන් විය. අද වන විට ඉතිහාසයේ ස්වර්ණමය අවදියක ්ලෙෂ මෙම අවදිය ඉතිහාසයට එක් වී හමාරය. බටහිරයන් 15 වන ශතවර්ෂය වනතුරු මුලූ  ුලෝක නිශ්පාදිතයෙන් 50% කට වැඩියෙන ්නිපැවූවේ චීනය සහ ඉන්දියාව මූලික කරගෙනය. මෙයට ලතින ්ඇමරිකාවේ දල දේශිය නිශ්පාදනයන්ද එක්කල කල මෙම අගය ඇදහිය නොහැක ිලෙස 70% ඉක්මවීය. බටහිරයන්ගෙ ්යටත්විජිතවාදී පාලන සමය 15 වන ශතවර්ෂයේ ආරම්භවීමත ්සමගම මෙම ඉහත දැක්වූ අගය පහල ... Read more

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Indices continue to close in Red

Sep 01, 2015 (LBT) - Both ASPI and S&P SL20 closed in red due to price losses in counters such as DFCC Bank, Commercial Bank and John Keells Holdings with turnover crossing Rs 732 Mn. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in Ceylon Hotels Corporation, Janashakthi Insurance Company and Kahawatte Plantations. Mixed interest was observed in ACL Cables, Textured Jersey Lanka and The Kingsbury whilst retail interest was noted in Seylan Developments and Asia Siyaka Commodities. Meanwhile, foreigners closed as net sellers mainly due to foreign selling in Kahawatte Plantations and Laugfs Gas. Hotels and Travels sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to Ceylon Hotels Corporation) whilst the sector index lost 0.12%. The share price of ... Read more

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Weekly returns flat amidst high volatility

Aug 21, 2015 (LBT) - Both ASPI and S&P SL20 closed in green for the day due to price gains in counters such as Ceylon Tobacco Company, C T Holdings and Commercial Bank with turnover crossing Rs 959 Mn. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in Commercial Bank, Distilleries, John Keells Holdings and Cargills. Mixed interest was observed in The Kingsbury, Kelani Tyres and Vallibel Power Erathna whilst retail interest was noted in Sierra Cables, Ceylon Grain Elevators and Lanka Ventures. Meanwhile, foreigners remained active closing as net sellers mainly due to foreign selling in Commercial Bank. During the week, the ASPI gained 0.12% whilst the S&P SL20 lost 0.20% respectively. Banks, Finance and Insurance sector was the top contributor to the ... Read more

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Indices close on a Negative Note

Aug 20, 2015 (LBT) - Indices closed in red as a result of price losses in counters such as Dialog Axiata, Janashakthi Insurance Company and C T Holdings whilst turnover crossed Rs 1.2 Bn. High net worth and institutional investor participation was witnessed in Distilleries and Central Finance Company. Mixed interest was observed in Hatton National Bank, Sampath Bank and Lanka IOC whilst retail interest was noted in Bairaha Farms, Access Engineering and Janashakthi Insurance Company. Meanwhile, foreigners remained active closing as net buyers mainly due to foreign purchasing in Distilleries. Beverage Food and Tobacco sector was the top contributor to the market turnover (due to Distilleries and Bairaha Farms) whilst the sector index lost 0.53%. The share price of Distilleries decreased by Rs 2.10 ... Read more

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